Kenwood TS 820s restore is underway at last

Well back in 2018 Dave 2E0TKO drop an old Kenwood TS 820s on the clubs workbench which was in a bit of a state as it was pulled from a skip ready to be dumped.

But with going events and repairs all taking place at the club back then,it got put on the back burner.

In 2019 the club moved it home to Patrington and a full year was lost while we built the room rooms shack workshop etc…

In an old windmill.

Now the work is up and running the repairs can restart.

Picture of new workshop

First thing was to see if the radio would power up at all, so a variac was use to bring the power up slowly checking for faults the radio lights up,

So far so good but no Rx or Tx so a visual inspection started , first we saw bad solder joints on nearly ever board also a flashing display , looking like the vco or something was out of lock.

After reflowing most of the solder joints and removing the old harden flux. We then cleaned most of the molex plugs that interconnect the pcb’s.

Still no Rx or Tx so time to check voltages , we start at the source the tapping transform-a look at the 14 volt ac out, that goes to a rectifier pcb board which we find 2 of the diods blow and the other two leaky .

a bit more along that line we also have the 5 volt regulator which had blown also after replacing theses the Rx fires up into Life .

We notice that the Display is still not right and very erratic flashing and only showing up two numbers at times.

More to come.

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