Members Aerial work over the summer months

This summer has seen members put up and repair all sorts of Aerials

Andy G7LRR after his 5 band Delta Quad broke after 7 years of been up in the air has now gone back to a tri-band Yagi.

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The Hy-gain Explore 14 Tri-band yagi he got from Syd, M1COV , was taken to bits by Andy and Steve 2E0NSQ and cleanup and now look’s like new with new hardware and a coat of lacquer spayed on it.

Andy reports the Explorer 14 is working well but the Quad was better.

Jon M6HDX had fun with the guys at his QTH installing and tuning one of Bobs M0RWL trapped inverted L for 40m /80m/160m bands.

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Kevin 2E0KVK , Steve 2E0NSQ, Andy G7LRR, and Jon M6HDX, spent one Sunday morning installing the Aerial , Jon had the Bacon butties  flowing so we all was stuffed ,Steve really enjoyed his as you will see in the photo.

Jon reports the Inverted L is working very well on 160m and the other bands.

Marcin M0GLV has been very busy with making ATU for himself  and band pass filters for the Club, and now installing his long wire aerial, on some big poles in the garden.

He also reports having great fun of CW working allsorts of DX and Most bands.

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Kevin 2E0OAH now at his new QTH has his Cobweb and Inverted L up and running,

Good to hear Kevin back on the Air.

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Charlie 2E0CIK has been busy fine tuning his station and getting back on the air nice to see him back on the radio and now on HF as well done Charlie, only been 4 years mate, thanks for the photos


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All in all the members have been busy in some sharp or form over the summer, we have had some great events and contest  on as well within the Club.

Well done every one.

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