Antenna Installation Day for Kevin 2E0KVK

Last Saturday 13/07/2013 saw members of the Humber Fortress DX ARC arrive at the home of Kevin 2E0KVK and Val SWL (M6 in training), to help put up Kevin’s new V beam antenna 40m – 10m.

The antenna had a long trip from Japan, and Kevin, had waited patiently for 2 months for its arrival.

The day was extremely hot 28c and shorts (with socks) were out in force, so apologies for any glare the white legs may have caused to the pictures!

The construction crew this time included, Bob M0RWL, Andy G7LRR, Steve 2E0NSQ and Chris 2E0CBW.  Linda M6LGN and Jo 2E0JJO came along to offer moral support and supervise the proceedings.


The Antenna had arrived flat pack and after a short time, it was realized also minus a couple of nuts and bolts, but due to an epic journey around the city by Chris and Andy replacements were found. The skills of Bob and Steve were put to good use on the rest of the project including the use of a tape measure and reading the instruction book during their absence and soon the antenna was put together and ready to go up.



Chris got the job of going up the ladder to fasten up the top bolts, attach the coax and replace the TV Ariel which had to come down to make room for the more important one. (looks like you’re the height guy now Chris!!)


After everything was fastened up securely and the antenna was run through the analyzer, Kevin got on the radio straight away.


He got contacts from various places around the world including Indonesia, so it seems the build was a great success. Kevin was extremely happy with the result.


During the day everyone sat down to a fantastic BBQ with cake afterwards, so many thanks to Chef Kevin for the cooking (and a medal for standing near the BBQ in that heat), and Val for the never-ending supply of cold Drinks.

Everyone had a lovely day and I would just like to send another big thank you to all those who turned out to help.





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