Blackburn Beverley weekend 2013

29th – 31st March

Blackburn Beverley week-end. 8th Anniversary of this unique aircraft located at Fort Paull using GB0BB call sign from our Club House within the grounds of Fort Paull.

Hi all.

The Humber Fortress DX ARC will be activating GB0BB on the weekend of the 29th till 31st March 2013 from FORT PAULL, EAST YORKSHIRE where our club station is located to celebrate the 8th anniversary of this unique aircraft (the last remaining one of it’s type in the world) which is located here at Fort Paull.

We welcome operators/guest’s far and wide to our activations, those with campers/tents, we can accommodate for a very small overnight fee which go’s to the renovation fund at Fort Paull as this receives NO funding from any organizations.

There are toilet facilities and the radio club can do hot drinks etc…
A special QSL card will be available for all stations worked over the weekend showing the Blackburn Beverley in all it’s splendor.

To obtain your QSL card,  please send a SSAE to the QSL Manager, G1TDN

IRCs are no longer Valid in the UK.
Anybody who wishes to attend be it for a day or the full weekend, then please contact our events co-coordinator (Mr Bob Lane)

Details may be found at the following web sites

Bob Lane (Events Co-ordinator).
Humber Fortress DX ARC.

Fort Paull museum.

The plane was originally built at British Aerospace in Brough and made its final flight into Paull Aerodrome just outside the village, it remained there for ten years before being moved to the Beverley Army Museum where it was a focal point for visitors for several years. When the museum closed a bid was made by the Fort to purchase the aircraft. The bid was subsequently successful and in 2004 the Beverley returned home to Paull and opened to the public after re-assembly in 2005.

The staff at Fort Paull are extremely proud of this acquisition and are determined to preserve not just the fabric of the aircraft but also its history. Inside the aircraft you will find information regarding the history of the Blackburn Beverley and this specific aircraft in particular. You can also look around its massive frame and see just how much the plane could carry.

No visit to the Fort is complete without looking at the Blackburn Beverley.

Lots of information about the history of the XB259 can be found at



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