To help celebrate the centenial of the formation of the RSGB, the club will be activating the Call Sign “G100RSGB” during the month of March on the following dates: 1st, 5th, 8th and 12th March 2013. We intend to be active throughout the noted dates, and hopefully working on which ever Bands are open to UK operations.

When the club is transmitting, the club camera will be active so that you can monitor who it is that you are talking too at the other end of the ether.

Logs for the Special Event Station will be submitted within 24hrs of the end of the activation to the RSGB who will then upload them onto their online log.

We look forward to working as many people as we can with the SES, but please be patient. We will get around to you when we can, and WILL look out for QRP stations.

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