INTERNATIONAL MUSEUMS ON THE AIR 15th/17th & 23rd/25th JUNE 2012.


This year again see’s H.F.D.X.ARC participating in this event.

Operating from both the club house station and the new mobile shack station within the grounds of

FORT PAULL museum.

This has been one of our popular events in past years with over 10,000 stations contacted worldwide!!!.

Listen for GB0FP on 160,80,40,20 & local vhf or check out the DX clusters


Fort Paull is a great place to visit as it takes you back to the Napoleonic times when this establishment was first in use in the 15th century through world wars 1&2 and upto the late 1960’s when it was decommissioned by the MOD.
A family venue with lot’s to do to entertain the children whilst mum & dad relax and un-wind in the well kept grounds or visit us at our radio shack.
Fort Paull is also the home of the last remaining Blackburn Beverly transport aircraft in the world!!,
a unique aircraft open to the public with lot’s of displays inside and out.


MUSEUM No’  . 5099

WAB  . TA12


Details can be found on QRZ.COM about the club (MX0HFC) or just click on the link below.
(several links to on line live camera’s, club web site, guestbook to sign!!!)

Sign Guestbook

Club web site.

Fort Paull web site

Int museums web site


If you do work GB0FP, we would appreciate you signing the guestbook on the club web site,
We look forward to working you over the 2 weekends the event is activated.

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