National Thinking Day on the Air

Well it’s a first for Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club, we had been
asked by the 53rd Guide group of  hull to assist in the above named
day by putting a station on the air for them, which we said yes we would.

The day began with a loyal bunch of members from the club meeting at
The Baptist church on Cottingham road at 11 am local time, Many thanks
to the following members’ Andy G7LRR Steve 2E0NSQ Kevin M6OZY
Bob M0RWL John G6LNV John M0JBA and Jeff G0RKL Charlie 2E0CIK.

First off was to site and assemble the main antenna and mast which was
very kindly leant by El Cid M1COV for the use by the club during this
Event thanks, Syd. After a bit of bother with the antenna clearing the main
Roof and a bit of climbing by Mr Kevin the job was a good one.

Next was the real hard bit of setting up of radio equipment and the shack
Within the hall, again this was but a simple task for Mr Andy G7LRR once
Set up it was time for a little lunch before the girls arrived.

Fish and chips were the order of the day and a very welcome sight by all.
That taken care of the Guides and Rangers started to arrive we had a very brief
talk by John G6LNV and Bob M0RWL on the very basic principles within the
Radio shack, that done the girls with a leader filed into the shack area in small
Groups and started Communicating with other sites.

As normal Andy G7LRR took control of the command centre and guided
(Excuse the pun) the Guides through the process of achieving their goal
To (a)communicate via radio and (b) obtain their badges.

At this point, I would just like to say how very well the Guides and leaders
Conducted themselves on the radios it was there very first time
Well done to all who took part.

Many thanks also to young tigen(hope I’ve got the spelling ok) for a
A very nice cup of tea(nice to see a smiling face.

By 4 pm all the Guides and leaders had been on the radio and obtained
Badges and full radio confidence.

Once again many thanks to all that attended and helped on this occasion,
Another interaction with the local community to add to our many achievements.

Bob Lane

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