HF.DX.ARC Training is all go.

HF.DX.ARC Training is all go.

Since we started the Foundation training at the club in January 2011 we have had 5 passes.

January 2011

Frank Clifton – M6FPF

Kevin Johnson – M6OZY

The first Foundation course Exam for HF, DX, ARC was taken today by on the Left Mr. Frank Clifton and on the Right Mr. Kevin Johnson.

The Humber Fortress DX ARC is pleased to say both passed with flying colors.

We know both are very happy with the result and the training they received by Humber Fortress DX ARC Instructors,

Lead instructor Mr. John Cunliffe (G6LNV), Mr. Bob Lane (M0RWL), Mr John Baines (M0JBA) the Clubs invigilator

and from the East Yorkshire repeater Group Mr. Andy Russell (G0VRM).

As the chairman of the club and on behalf of the entire membership we would like to welcome Kevin and Frank to Amateur Radio.

We hope you go on to sit the Intermediate licence and then Advanced Licence as the club runs the courses enjoy the hobby guys.

Thank you to lead instructor Mr. John Cunliffe (G6LNV), Mr. Bob Lane (M0RWL), Mr John Baines (M0JBA) and from the East Yorkshire repeater Group Mr. Andy Russell (G0VRM)

For their time and effort they put into the club and given up there own time to run the course.

May 2011

Left to Right  John Medland – M6ZIY, John Cunliffe – G6LNV lead instructor ,Della Parsons – M6DDA

It seems a long time ago that Della and John and Jon attended the 2 weekends for the Foundation course and of course, they passed.
John M6ZIY chose this call sign as it compliments his Maritime call of ZIYP4, Della M6DDA she has a radio and maritime background, and took part in the Round the world yacht race 2010.
Regretfully Jon Falconer who took the exam at the same time as John and Della, missed his ticket by 1 point, due to exam nerves.
He has since conquered his fear and has taken his re-sit exam, passing with flying colors on Friday 20 May.
He was as of Sat 28th still waiting for his license, due to a paperwork error.
Well done Jon.
HFDX ARC congratulates all of them and welcomes them to the wonderful world of amateur radio.
Left to Right  Jon Falconer Now M6HDX , John G6LNV , Andy G7LRR , John M1ESA



June 2011
In June we will be starting our first Intermediate course on a Tuesday night at Fort Paull, at present we have 7 interested,
including Della and John who are keen to start the Intermediate course with some opting for partial studies at home due to otherworldly commitments (work).
There were 2 others that wish to take the course but are unable to as they work away.
Prospective radio amateurs come from all walks of life from Lorry drivers to Life boatmen, from Engineers to University Lecturers, nurses, postmen, and even shelf stackers at your local supermarket.
This list is endless as the hobby is open to all. “ if you have the interest “ Age isn’t a barrier either, we all complete the same training, so if you are 8 or 80 it doesn’t matter, you are all welcome.
With our training program, we can also help none club members achieve their training needs, as we are able to use Fort Paull’s theatre as a theory training room.
At present, we don’t have an Advanced course in the pipeline. Sorry. G6LNV

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