GB0MMH Events: A Beacon for Men’s Mental Health

In early 2023, the Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club (HFDXARC) embarked on a pioneering journey.
They launched a special event station dedicated to Men’s Mental Health— in the amateur radio community.
The initiative turned out to be a resounding success, capturing widespread attention and heartfelt support.

Fast Forward 12 Months: A Growing Movement

By May 2024, the momentum had only grown. HFDXARC teamed up with three other amateur radio enthusiasts and YouTube content makers, all proudly sporting GB#MMH callsigns.
Together, they took on the mission of promoting Men’s Mental Health during International Men’s Health Month.

Event Dates: May 17th & 18th
Contacts Made: Over 1,700.
Support Received: An overwhelming flood of kind emails and messages.
Engagement: Massive pileups demonstrated a high level of interest and support.

The support and enthusiasm from the global amateur radio community were truly inspiring.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to every individual who reached out, made contact, and shared words of encouragement with us all.

### June 2024: Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month

The movement didn’t stop there. In June, the event expanded even further, becoming one of the largest organized special events in HFDXARC’s history.
This time, seven more amateurs and YouTube personalities joined the cause.

Event Dates: June 14th – 16th
Participants: Friends, family, and members of the Hull and District Amateur Radio Society (HADARS) joined in the fun.
Many brought tents or rented glamping pods from the site owner, Mike.

BBQ Adventure: Saturday’s planned BBQ faced a sudden challenge as the weather turned.
However, thanks to Mike’s quick thinking and generous offer to use his barn/workshop, the BBQ was saved.
Everyone enjoyed a fantastic feast, turning what could have been a dampened event into a memorable gathering.

Tea Boy: We had two members join the club within a few months and in the tradition of the club that goes back to 2010, the last member to join got the tea boy roll and we had a handing over and modelling of the uniform.

Radio Operations: The team dived back into radio operations with everyone well-fed.
The pileups were massive, showcasing the immense support and interest.
By Sunday lunchtime, they had made over 1,700 contacts, and their QRZ page GB0MMH had over 13,000 lookups.

For the full event, all QSOs made was over 3700 and we hope to email out QSL cards for every contact made soon.

 ### Special Thanks

We owe the success of these events to so many wonderful people:
Participants: Every amateur radio operator who joined us, bringing their enthusiasm and dedication.
Supporters: All the friends, family members, and HADARS participants who made the event lively and enjoyable.
Mike: Our site owner, went above and beyond to ensure our BBQ was a success, despite the weather.
Global Community: Everyone who reached out, made contact, and sent messages of support. Your engagement has been the driving force behind our success.

### The Road Ahead

Planning for next year is already in full swing. After such tremendous growth and success, the club is eager to see how they can top this year’s achievements.
With a commitment to promoting Men’s Mental Health and the unwavering support of the amateur radio community, the sky’s the limit.

The GB#MMH events have become a beacon of hope and solidarity, showing the incredible power of community and the impact of raising mental health awareness.
HFDXARC’s innovative approach proves that even in the world of amateur radio, you can make a real difference.

### Final Words

As we look forward to future events, we remain deeply grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey.
Your support, participation, and enthusiasm have turned a small idea into a powerful movement.
Together, we are making a difference and highlighting the importance of Men’s Mental Health.
Thank you all, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together next year!

73 from all of us who took part, and the full membership of both local radio clubs.

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