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The Club was founded 13 years ago and began life-based at Fort Paull, having in excess of 30 members on the books. The Club is very active on field days including Light Houses OTA done from the Spurn Point wildlife preserve, and SOS weekend supporting the RNLI who are also based at Spurn.

The Club changed location from Fort Paull on the 18th of May 2019 to the new location of The Mill House at Patrington East Yorkshire. The Mill House was reformed by the club members and fitted internally to suit the club, which included structural and electrical work and was a massive challenge to complete in such a short period of time.

The Club has its own training facilities where many members have been taught and progressed to achieve either Intermediate or Full License status. Local schools and events were also visited where small mobile stations were set up to help the community interact and understand the science and fun surrounding Ham Radio.

Contests are also an integral part of the club where we have achieved superb results. CQWW is the biggest event of the year, and in 2022 the Club achieved a new record in recording close to 3 million points.

As with many Clubs, Covid knocked us for six and we sadly lost 2 members during that period. The “Stay at home” also meant the Club was not getting used or heated which has led to severe damage to the equipment the club worked so hard to buy and source. Repairs have been carried out however the damage has been done and leaves the club with very expensive and constant repairs in keeping us operational. We continue to operate but are under a heavy workload of repairs and replacement items.

We need help with funding, so we may continue to be a major asset to both Ham and local communities. The club has now opened its membership to include reduced rates for nonregional members along with a Digital membership. (See below)

May the Hobby continue to grow and thrive throughout the world because there is nothing that comes close to the enjoyment had by every station through Ham Radio




Full Membership.

This guarantees full voting rights and the ability to stand for a committee post.
1: Full access to all areas of the website And Club archives.
2: Get access to the restricted area of YouTube videos, we have.
3: Be able to post articles on the website and be able to sell things on the website for a small donation to the club funds.
4: Place on any contest or any event that you wish to take part in.
5: Including the first refusal of one of 10 seats Only available at spurn point event.
6: Severn days week access to the Radio Club and to use the club’s equipment.
7: Also, loan spare equipment no more than one month at a time.
8: Access to Zoom get to gather when held in the week.
9: Get links to live-streamed events

Half Membership.

 This is for members that live out of the Regional area of the club only. who cannot attend the Club’s weekly or monthly meetings?
1: There are no voting rights with this membership.
2: Guarantees you a place in any contest or any event that the club does if you request it.
3: And if places are still available after full members request a place at spurn point this will be on a first come first serve basis.
4: Full Access to the website.
5: Get access to the restricted area of YouTube videos, we have
and be able to sell things on the website for a small donation to the club.
6: Access to Zoom get to gather when held in the week.
7: Get links to live-streamed events

World Wide Membership.

 This membership is for hams all over the world that wish to support our club but cannot be full or half members.
1: Get access to the website.
2: Can visit the Club 4 times a year on Club Nights or special.
3: Get emails when we post new content or new videos before anyone else.
4: Get links to live-streamed events.
5: Access to a Digital monthly zoom meeting.


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