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New project room well underway

As promise some photos the room is well underway now and the progress has gone really well.

Thank you to all that turned out for the weekends to make it happen at last.

Our project manager for this was Mr Bob Lane M0RWL without Bobs input this would have never got started cheers Bob from all at the Club for your hard work and chasing about.

Some photos



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1st Weekend of Int. Museums on the Air 2012

Hi All,
I would like to thank all the people who made this weekend happen and go by so well. What started out as a very wet weekend ended up being what summer used to be like, this just put the icing on a successful weekend.

After the erection of the aerial system and the tents in between the rain, it was time for radio , a good number of contacts were made on Friday evening with us been noted as “loud” on 40m. Not a bad start for GB0FP first outing of the year. The fish & Chips supper was a nice addition which everyone enjoyed. After his fill, John (M6HDX) then continued to work throughout the night, until he passed-out through exhaustion in Trevor’s chair. Bless him!

A Fresh day brought about even more contacts on 40m from the Mobile shack, and 15m DX from the club house. There was a steady stream of contacts coming through to both stations, with members taking turns to sit in the hot seats. I have even been told that Linda spoke on the radio too? For big eats that evening, we dined on the food from the local Chinese in Thorngumbald, Grrr!, they messed the order up, which was annoying for me, as it is my local ?


With the arrival of the final day of the 1st weekend of activity, we had another most welcome arrival – the sun. Summer looks like it is now heading this way. Sunday’s aim was primarily to get ready for the Press which arrived after lunch time, but this did not deter from attempting some contacts in the morning on 40m.

Charlie in the Hot seat

Charlie in the Hot seat

Around 1pm saw first member of the Press corps arrive and a photo session then ensued of Miss Kayliegh M6UKY and the other present members of the club. So this week keep on checking the “Hull Daily Mail” and the “Holderness Gazette” for the news articles. On completion of the press event, the mobile station was then dismantled and PUT away by the weary members, already for the 2nd weekend of activity, 22nd till 24th June. This time we will be operating entirely from within the walled perimeter of the fort.

Well after a glimpse of the online Guest Book, we are already starting to receive positive feedback. Please take a moment to have a read through and make a comment where you feel is it appropriate. The Link to the Guestbook is at the top of the page. Feedback from members is already starting to flow, and so far all positive. Thank you all for this weekend. This is what it is all about – FUN.

Now, not to rest on our laurels, if there is anything that you feel we could do or amend for next weekend’s activity when please let Simon or Sean, your event team, know, and we will see what can be done. Some photographs have been uploaded to the gallery for all to see.

Moving on
We have been informed that Steve, 2E0NSQ, will be singing on the camp site and Andy, G7LRR, will be taking his big tent to be used for a common meeting area. This will be pitched alongside the trailer; all other tents this next weekend will be outside the fort, along the wall of Frank’s compound. Please remember to use the common meeting area on the green for evening activities which could create a noise. If you annoy the dogs, then Frank has commented on feeding the dogs on Amateurs this weekend… Remember, the camp area is for sleeping only.

And to Little John, G6LNV, we do hope to see you released from the ‘dog-house’ soon. For those that are not aware, John forgot the 10:30pm rule and thought about going home at midnight. He ended up enjoying the comforts of the club sofa. Please remember, if you’re not out of the fort by 10:30pm, then you get to stay the night.


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200th Anniversary of the Humber Lifeboat Station

This Year is the 200th Anniversary of the Humber Lifeboat Station at Spurn Point.

 As part of the celebratory activities HF DX ARC will be putting the lifeboat crew on the air over the weekend of 15th 16th and 17th October 2010 on Amateur bands 20meters 40meters  80meters  SSB  and 2meters VHF  with the Special Call Sign GB2HLS  (Humber Lifeboat Station).

 Humber Lifeboat Crew

 The Humber Fortress DX A.R.C is a new and upcoming club that is all about promoting Amateur Radio in Hull and surrounding areas based now at Fort Paull.

 “We are now trying to attend as many events in the area to support and promote the hobby.”

 All members of the HF DX ARC are looking forward to the Humber Lifeboat Station Event.

  Being able to give the crew of the lifeboat station a chance to go on the air and talk to amateurs all around the world, about what they do and their lifestyle at the station.

The Humber Lifeboat Station is the only lifeboat station with a full-time crew and it has carried out some outstanding rescues during its 200-year history. One remarkable figure at the station was Coxswain Robert Cross who was awarded two Gold Medals, three Silver Medals, two Bonze Medals, and the George Medal.

“Being able to give the opportunity to the crew of the lifeboat station to appear on the air live, and talk to amateurs around the world about their lifestyle and how they work on the 200th anniversary of the station, is an honor for us to host.”


Andy Nielsen (G7LRR)


Humber Fortress DX A.R.C

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