Steve W4SLT Digital Subscriber Welcome

Big thanks for Steve W4SLT becoming one of our first digital subscriber, this is a way that Radio Amateur around the globe can become a part of the Humber Fortress DX Club and support us.

Gain access to members area see achieves from years gone by get first hand information of what the Club has been up too and has planed,

also includes these features

1: Get access to the members website.
2: Can visit the Club 4 times a year on Club Nights or Special events.
3: Get emails when we post new content or new videos before anyone else.
4: Get links to live-streamed events.
5: Access to a Digital monthly Zoom meeting. 


Steve has been a friend of the Clubs and many members since we first started the Club in 2010 and visited us all when in the UK in 2013 while we was based at Fort Paull stopping at Peters G3ZRS QTH

please read write up

Steve W4SLT on the air from HFDXARC HQ


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