Congratulations in order once again

Congratulations are in order once again to the intermediate class on all passing their exams.




Mr Kevin Simms (M6EYR now 2E0KVK) , father and son teamwork from Pat Walsh (M6BPW now 2E0KCW), Steve Walsh (M6OKB now 2E0OKP)

Well done Guys from all at the Club, we all know that Team Walsh had a few beers to celebrate later that night.

Mr Kevin Simms (AKA Bear Grylls ) had to rush off to his son’s 21st birthday held at a private fishing lake, Kevin was also partaking in a night fishing with his sons, Kevin was keen to show his sons he was no coward to camping out overnight, and in true Bear Grylls style, he set up his camp.

We are told that a fire was lit and BBQ could be smelt miles away as Kevin lead the way for a night’s fishing. Much beer had to be consumed by all but mainly by Kevin for him to fall into his survival bag and shiny tent.

In the night Kevin did not catch much fish, but had many a visit from the local wildlife which made a night under the star all worthwhile NOT.

Kevin, you’re a Sport and we all know your Sons enjoyed the night along with you.



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